Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rome: three cars involved in an accident near to the cemetery, one dead and two injured – Blasting News

There is a victim in the#crash occurred today in the vicinity of the cemetery of the Town of the Castelli Romani, in the province of Rome. There are three cars involved in the terrible incident that occurred in the early afternoon of the day today. The victim remained trapped inside of his car, it was necessary the intervention of the fire brigade to remove it, but at that point the 84-year-old, there was nothing to do. The man’s name is Louis Cavaterra and lived in Nemi, a village in the roman province.

head-on Collision at the exit of the cemetery

The dynamic has not yet been explained by the bodies investigating the incident. From the first information that I come by the organs of the press, it seems that the clash occurred around 14:45 this afternoon, Wednesday, December 7, 2016. Louis Cavaterra he was driving his car and headed in the direction of Di, now in the vicinity of the cemetery of the Roman Castles, collided with a car at that time was emerging from a side road. The impact has been tremendissimo with the car of the man that is intraversata on the road, causing the crash with a third vehicle, a Ford Focus, that in that very moment was struggling in the roadway.

Nothing to do for Louis Cavaterra, is stuck in his car

the Dramatic have been the moments following the terrible cannon. The 84-year-old is stuck inside of his car, a Ford Fiesta, and it was necessary the intervention of the fire brigade to remove it. His heart stopped during the mad rush to the nearest hospital. Injured the drivers of two other cars involved in the crash, both of which were conducted in theCivil hospital of Velletri. They would not be in danger of life, but the local sources speak of conditions series. On the spot also came the police that were forced to close traffic for a few hours to make the usual findings that, hopefully, will reconstruct the dynamics of the terrible impact. #road Accident #Rome


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