Monday, September 5, 2016

Berlusconi sees Parisi: try not politicians, my ’94 project – BBC

Silvio Berlusconi relaunches Stefano Parisi mission as a new aggregator of moderates. At about the same time, Matteo Salvini confirmed to the party that does not change the line: “We are and remain those of no European Union and no immigration”. In short: “We are populists, as you call them in the newspapers. Those who win, even at home in Merkel. ” And in any case, it gives little to those who still sigh for the padanismo or even the independentism. However, “We Salvini with” is intended to bow out: will be replaced by a new movement led by a new leader. The two points of view, that of Silvio Berlusconi that looks to the future of the moderates and to Salvini who is preparing for Pontida populists, do not seem to be precisely aligned. But yesterday, after all, was not required.

The Knight, still in Sardinia, will only Salvini on his return . And he received Parisi at Villa Certosa. Then spread a note: “The meeting was an opportunity to take stock on the analysis of the political and organizational situation of Italy Force, a task that the President had entrusted to Parisi last July.” No detail on the subject. But the face-off “has also served to deepen the approach of the planning conference Megawatt” Parisi, scheduled for 16 and 17 September. An appointment, highlight the note, “distinct and separate from Forza Italy” and directed “not to politicians but to citizens who have never been involved in politics.” In short, the party by a party (the “bad company” has called someone) and citizens from another. With the Parisi event in continuity with ‘the project that the president is pursuing since 1994 “. And that is to “grow and aggregate area policy based on the values ​​and ideas of the liberals, Catholics, reformers, through concrete programs, proposed by credible persons, in a continuous renewal of policy.”

But to give out cards, recalls the note, it remains one of only . And that is, Berlusconi himself: Parisi ‘has deepened with the President the main contents of the event, as well as the ways and forms of supply renewal of Italian politics and the center-right Forza able to unite moderates looking beyond the current party boundaries. ” For its part, Salvini yesterday met the League’s political secretariat. An event that might prove awkward, given the discontent that cross the Po world, which increasingly gives Umberto Bossi voice. And that crop up every day on Facebook: on lepenismo (for Maroni may be only a “tactical choice”), on overcoming nordismo in favor of a party “national” independence written in Article 1 of the League Association. All this, while preparing a Pontida falling twenty years after the proclamation dell’indipendentismo, but which will be attended by delegations from the South.

Umberto Bossi, yesterday, there was . And so, the meeting showed just some exchange between Salvini and Maroni that the governor calls “useful to clarify positions. It being understood that the line states the secretary. ” However, the movement “We with Salvini” is running low, at least in its present form. The secretary said the same in an interview with Free , speaking of “a new subject, twinned to the League.” With a different leader? “It seems obvious.”

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