Sunday, September 4, 2016

Turin, D’Alessio took part in the Unity Day: accepted as a star – The Republic

From D’Alema D’Alessio. Applause, the fans in tears and the tour of the stands as the great leader of a party time. The arrival of the singer Gigi D’Alessio to the Unity party of Turin has divided the democratic leaders, but collects the unanimous consent of the base. To welcome so many militants, the secretary Fabrizio Morri and Francesca Bonomo, who organized the parliamentary debate on copyright come under fire for White: “I’ve been thinking, and it made no sense not to come to not to spite one, while I would have done despite the many who have asked me to be there – says the singer before starting the tour of the Piazza d’Armi gazebo – I will be happy in this city that has always shown me great affection. I did not want to split the democratic party with my presence. I am for peace in the Democratic Party. ” He stops to greet the volunteers every few minutes, and even before going on stage to discuss SIAE has already canceled the controversy: “Grande Gigi” applaud the brewery customers of Young Democrats

The story had the “turning point” in early afternoon. “I spoke a little while ago with Gigi D’Alessio: I explained that on his behalf there was no revolt in the party and that our invitation was valid. He understood: is looking for the plane and will be with us tonight. ” The Turin secretary of the Democratic Party Fabrizio Morri sewed so that the fracture in the last hour had triggered the

storm in the Turin party. From the early hours of this morning he was attacked on the phone to contact the Neapolitan singer who yesterday declined to participate in the Turin Unity party after the advanced invitation revokes Raffaele Bianco, vice president of the provincial assembly. “We felt and gave me a hand also Senator Stefano Esposito: in the end we managed to mend. I am very happy, “he concluded Morri.



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