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If Muraro, the councilor wobbles Rays met the leaders of the M5S Pizzarotti: resign the directory – BBC

the Directory 5 Stars turn up the pressure on the mayor of Rome, Virginia Rays. After a meeting lasting River hours, the leaders of the movement – namely Luigi Di Maio, Alessandro Di Battista, Roberto Fico, Carla Ruocco and Carlo Sibilia, also heard Beppe Grillo – would have asked the mayor to waive the Deputy Head Raffaele Marra and Chapter political secretariat of Salvatore Romeo, as well as requesting a step back of the Environment Paola Muraro and Raffaele De Dominicis, new manager of the Capitol Report. The mayor, at the end of yet another day of passion, according to sources close to her, could only partially accept the invitation of the national directors of the Movement and the Capitoline would be willing to accept a reduction of the salary of Romeo and exit from cabinet Marra, but not the resignation of Muraro and De Dominicis.

the resignation or dismissal

Despite the request for resignation from the opposition and the protests of the base grillina, the first town location still appears firm. We can not say the same of his councilor for Environment: the resignation (or secondly the withdrawal of nomination by the Rays) are required by many in the internal chat M5S. “L’affaire Muraro / Rays is undermining the entire project of the Movement,” writes D. Fabrizio from Rome on Beppe Grillo page. And Demetrius, from Florence, attacks: “What can you do? For me, first of all out Muraro and then excuses the Rays to Rome for good. ” But asking a step back would not only grillini militants.

The directory

Meanwhile the room the directory remained gathered from 10:30 am until late Tuesday evening: “the meeting is not over, it is only suspended and will also continue tomorrow (Wednesday, ed ) is a meeting in progress’ , he pointed out Roberto Fico, member of the M5S directory, explaining that during the meeting, was also heard Beppe Grillo. Besides Fico it was also attended by Alessandro Di Battista, Luigi Di Maio, Carla Ruocco and, among the Romans, Vignaroli Stefano and Paola Taverna. The Movement is looking (desperate) of a exit strategy: at stake is not only the case Muraro, but also poisons and the controversies that have affected so far the junta Rays. In the evening transpires one news, reassuring for the mayor: do not lose the symbol of the five stars.

Di Battista interrupts the tour, Di Maio does not go to Rai 3

due to the earthquake caused the hearing in Ecomafie commission, Alessandro Di Battista interrupts the tour for no to referendum skipping the stage of Ischia: “There are problems in Rome and it is best to go back,” he wrote on Facebook. Vice President of the Chamber cancels the TV interview with Gianluca Semprini, scheduled for tonight in the first episode of Politics, on Rai 3: The handler throws the hashtag “DiMaioNonRisponde” boom and is on Twitter. A warning comes from Roberta Lombardi, a former member of the Roman minidirettorio that supports the mayor) writes: “We must apologize, away who has nothing to do with M5s. Mistakes have been made and it is honest to admit it. “

” Muraro ready to be questioned “

on the judicial front Muraro’s attorney, Salvatore Sciullo, meets in the square Clodius pm Alberto Galanti, owner survey on waste where the commissioner is accused of a breach of rules environmental: “I reiterated full readiness to questioning to clarify all points of this affair.” But prosecutors, before proceeding to un’eventuali convocations, waiting for the transcript in front of the Ecomafie commission, to which the councilor Monday handed over a dossier of about a thousand pages with reports, documents and email.

Renzi: “I do not celebrate, but enough of the double standards”

on the tsunami in Five star also operates the premier Matteo Renzi, host of the program” Porta a Porta “. Commenting on the “case Rome,” the chief executive assures not to rejoice in the Movement’s internal difficulties: “If Ray looks good makes Rome. I am not among those who buy the popcorn before these unseemly scenes “. Not only. The President of the Council repeats that it hoped the debacle of opponents: “The Rays won and must govern. I make my luck. We are allowing Rome to resolve its problems and we are ready to lend a hand. ” No intention to punish him, then, but with a recommendation: “Enough with the double standard.” Translated: “I do not say” hooray “because I see others fail, but I hate to see so many lies in this affair.” And while there are rumors of new, possible, defections after the departure of Marcello Minenna (former councilor for the Budget) and Carla Romana Raineri (former Chief of Cabinet), Renzi does not believe that the pentastellati are about to implode on themselves: “I find it very exaggerated today’s readings that said the 5 Star Movement is over”: this analysis of the prime minister who also expresses its readiness to cooperate with the mayor, “but so far she has not been heard.”

Dinner on August 2

the mayor in the hearing said he had informed the leaders of the Movement of the investigation of Muraro. And dinner on August 2 with the directory would be served right to speak dell’assessora. “What gives the Courier on dinner with Virginia Rays is false. During the informal and friendly dinner we never talked about Muraro or an investigation at his load: is a reconstruction of pure fantasy, “replies Robert Fico but at the moment does not respond to other, in particular the question of whether we should now Muraro resign.

Pizzarotti: the directory resigns

and the Roman crisis comes the judgment of Federico Pizzarotti, Mayor of Parma, suspended from the 5 Star Movement for months and still waiting for” final verdict “. “The directory should now resign en bloc to resign for failing to manage the movement and you should eventually come back to talk about participation and sharing of political addresses. Italy does not govern with two clicks on the net and decisions come from the top and behind closed doors. In the two years of the directory management – Pizzarotti accused – two mayors have been downloaded, those of Gela and Fourth, a third was suspended over a hundred days ago that there was no rule to do it, and now there is chaos in Rome, with a rebound of accusations between who says he alerted the directory and who claims to know nothing of the ongoing investigation against the councilor Muraro. All this was caused by a severe lack of clear rules at all. ”

The compensation of the former chief of staff

meanwhile, another ominous cloud thickens pentastellato horizon: the prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the appointment of former chief of staff, Carla Raineri, and on his salary of 193 thousand euro. It is a duty later all’esposto of the Brothers of Italy, but this does not mean that there will be no investigation. According to the complaint, the junta would have committed at least two errors of law. On the one hand, it infringed some legislative decrees and the “Regulation on the organization of the offices and services” of the Capitol. On the other, there would be a lack of reasoning on the basis of ‘Article 3 of Law 241 of 1990. According to FDI alleged errors would have procured a loss of revenue amounting “to a non-defined rate of benefit on a personal attributed to Raineri and “at an additional fee of 20% to the extent that the compensation is not connected and connectable to any positive results achieved in the performance.”

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