Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rome, Marra “destined to new assignment”. secret meeting between Grillo and directory – The Republic

Marra is out. “The current deputy chief of staff Raffaele Marra will be relocated to another position”: the news comes in the evening in a postscript on the blog of Beppe Grillo. In the afternoon, the commissioner for trade Adriano Meloni had defined precisely Marra, still deputy chief of staff, and Salvatore Romeo, chief secretary of the mayor Virginia Rays, “Well done guys.” Denying with a curt “No”, the resignation councilor Capitoline Environment, Paola Muraro. Chiosando, finally: “It’s all right.” But it was not so.

The call. It all starts with a phone call in the early afternoon, the mayor of Beppe Grillo Virginia Rays: wants to have his version of events in recent days, stressing that the movement should remain united now more than ever because Rome is too important. The phone interview lasts about ten minutes. The meeting between the two there will be, but, they say, only for logistical reasons: Grillo fact tonight will attend the event to Neptune. On his travels, however, it’s all top secret, especially to be able to avoid walking dead , as he calls journalists with notepads, tape recorders or cameras assaulting his cars exactly like the zombies of the famous TV show.

the division. To throw off the press comedian among others would choose not Hotel Forum but another hotel. And always for detecting, on the big summit of the Movement 5 Stars, with Grillo and the members of the national directorate, it is held in a mysterious town between Rome and Neptune. But at that meeting, which will decide the fate of Paola Muraro, Raffaele De Dominicise Salvatore Romeo, and where it was decided the fate of Marra, Ray there will be. It is closed on Capitol Hill this morning, protected by the wall of silence around his staff. In the afternoon is also returned the deputy mayor Daniel Frongia. A clear symbolic division, then, between the Capitol pentastellati guide and the movement’s big, that at this time, however, they have the destiny of the city administration. And indeed.

Video. At 18.20 Virginia Rays then publishes on his Facebook page a public video message in which among other things says: “I am here today to clarify . Let me tell you simply what has happened and is happening. We know there is a proxy in sull’assessore Muraro dossier. But we do not know what the facts alleged. We want to first read the cards. But if they were to emerge of responsibilities will not do discounts to anyone. However the prosecutor will decide if there are any elements of an offense, there will be little parties nor the newspapers “emphasizes the mayor. “The councilor Muraro will continue to work to clean this city.” “I say this as clearly” comments: “It was not a day without attacks, controversy and accusations: I have broad shoulders, is not a problem for me, for my counselors, for my councilors. We have to work for Roma and is what we will do. we have taken on the burden of cleaning up Rome from rotten and bad governance that afflict this city for thirty years. we know that this way of working can be annoying to someone or even scary. But it will not stop us. we must do the interest of the Romans, it is what we have been called to do and that is what we will do. ” The public also on Grillo’s blog with the postscript of Marra above. var obj0=document.getElementById("iklan18845398494434435943"); var obj1=document.getElementById("iklan28845398494434435943"); var s=obj1.innerHTML; var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2); var r=t.lastIndexOf(" "); if(r>0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1);}

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