Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rays-Muraro case: the company takes the revolt of the base grillina – The Republic

Rome – The rude awakening in Five star runs the company. The basis of the movement – the same survey, the web-based consultations, the consensus grillino transformed into votes in elections – now in revolt against the mayor Rays to survey current sull’assessora Muraro and against the same M5S: “You are like the old parties “. The many slips in eighty days of Roman administration leave their mark on the same blog of Beppe Grillo already from 8 in the morning, the day after is a fiery game in the comments to the video-autoassolutorio post of first citizen, while from Parma on Pizzarotti Mayor Calls the resignation of the Executive Board.

ANALYSIS the obligation to leave, the duty to explain

“I read a comment from someone that this would be an operation premeditated the media circuit subservient to the powers that. it probably is! But no one can mistake that deny the evidence, sustain the unsustainable, has as its ultimate effect precisely to restore credibility to the apparatus media “says those who” Nayrobi “signature. The more moderate, to read the rest. “I am amazed by how you are changed for the worse in a couple of months. I speak the Rays scandal, of course. The Muraro investigated for months and Virginia that is silent. And even beppegrillo.it silent. You have become like the others. I do not l ‘ expect their own. They are embarrassed and very disappointed, “writes Mario C. always in the page comments of the leading blogs. And Andrea Pirro from Cagliari: “Even if it were absolutely certain integrity mayor of Rome Muraro, the Movement comes out in pieces. First: tell the truth.”

Video when the mayor asked transparency Pizzarotti

you have to scroll through dozens of comments to this effect before you find one of the defenders veterans who say at least something like: “Dear Romans, since Italy is a republic you have never been so well informed as the advent of the M5S, your vote was not given in vain, “emphasizes Ernesto La Habana.

Some regrets, turning to the Rays. “Enough talking, let’s see the facts if you can, or else resign. And ‘you would not believe, how we can destroy the consensus for the Movement in less than two months,” writes Carlo early in the morning. As Maurizio Galeone from Grottaglie: “I would echo the concerns of other supporters. Looking at the choices, what happened and is happening, the movement appears as such to a

what happened and even the post horde could always be the result of a plot to contaminate the leader of the page, a classic of grillina narrative, it does portavece Oreste 5 *: “Launched last night after the live Ecomafia Commission, ‘order Pidioti of Italy secretaries, to post on the blog bullshit “.

The fact is that this time is a river in flood, dissent and protest. That pours from the blog in Twitter through Facebook. “The worst thing a #Raggi the inaction of the junta, but able to cut the bus rides mainly in the periphery,” tweets Laura Coccia. “Ray and Muraro lied, welcome to the Palace. It reached the # #dimissioni choirs and honesty” attacks Ugo Maria Tassinari. Chirps, it must be said, even some fans of the mayor. “It seems that the action of rays is effective, let it work,” defends Enzo Casamento. And “Brava #Raggi” still encourages Franco Trax. In the minority but there are also them.

This and much more goes to the awakening under the eyes of an incredulous Beppe Grillo and an irritated David Casaleggio. It now remains to see how the critical mass of the base, the unprecedented protests via web – ie by the lifeblood of the Movement – impact at this time on the decisions of the Movement directory, driven to resignation dell’assessora investigated Paola Muraro or on ‘ any forced withdrawal of proxies by the same mayor Rays.


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