Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Police operation against the anarchists: 7 arrests in Turin, Lazio and in Pescara – The Republic

Turin – Anarchists willing to kill. Even ordinary people, not just men in uniform. For thirteen years they have sown panic unleashing 50-subversive nature of terrorist actions. Seven people from the Informal Anarchist Federation were arrested this morning, eight more are under investigation at all has contested the crime of association aimed against terrorism. Among the various attacks attributed to suspects (of a different organization from the historic Fai), even against political and industry players: Sergio Cofferati, Sergio Chiamparino. Other initiatives related to Make have not been formally attributed to suspects: the case of the letter bomb in 2003 to Romano Prodi, the explosive package in April 2013 to La Stampa newspaper, the attack of January 2016 to Civitavecchia court.

The seven arrested . Two are already in prison, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai , sentenced to 9 and 10 years and 8 months for the attack on the CEO of Ansaldo, Roberto Adinolfi, kneecapped 7 May 2012. in handcuffs is over Anna Benjamin , the Cospito companion (both are considered the “minds” of the organization), owner of a tattoo parlor in the San Salvario district of Turin. Then there are Danilo Cremonese and the companion Valentina Speziale , Pescara, where they perform odd jobs. Finally, Mark Bisesti , Roman (works occasionally in setting for movie sets and stages of the show), and finally, Alessandro Mercogliano .

The surveys Make . Informal Anarchist Federation is structured to nuclei, and operates under different acronyms such as “national solidarity,” core Olga “,” artisan cooperative fire and similar (occasionally spectacular). “” Anonymous Rivolta and tremendous “(Rat). A Cospito and Benjamin, in particular, representatives of the Rat, it challenged the attempt on March 5, 2007 in the pedestrian area of ​​the district Crocetta of Turin. their initials Rat had claimed responsibility for the attacks with explosive envelopes sent to the former Mayor of Turin, Sergio Chiamaprino , and Torino Chronicle, Turin local paper.

the curiosity . it seems almost a twist of fate that happened to Cospito: sent a bomb-crafted to the police of the Ris Parma, those who specialize in finding style tracks and footprints to trace the perpetrators of crimes in style Sherlock Holmes. the chance would have it, the bomb has not exploded. and so Ris have taken the bomb, i have carefully analyzed. And they finding its Cospito DNA, against which the complaint is taken. The attack – failed – had been claimed by the code “artisan cooperative fire and similar (occasionally spectacular)”, the same that appears in the attack with a bomb to the former mayor of Bologna Sergio Cofferati. These two espisdi were charged, in addition to Cospito, also to Benjamin.

“Willing to kill” . But it is particularly two that have expressed their willingness to kill uomni in uniform and ordinary people. In that of 2 June 2006 to the School for Carabinieri of Fossano (Cuneo). And in that of 5 March 2007 in the pedestrian area of ​​the district Crocetta of Turin. In these two cases, according to UCIGOS investigators, the anarchists had “the clear objective to kill” law enforcement, medical personnel, firefighters. It also citizens eventually intervened on the spot. The base was in Turin, but with branches throughout Italy. In addition to the arrested, other 8 defendants. Everyone has contested the crime of association aimed against terrorism.

Among those arrested by the Digos of Turin who conducted the investigation – in collaboration with those of Viterbo, Pescara and Rome, coordinated by the anti-terrorist center of the Police Service – there are also Cospito Alfredo and Nicola Gai, known members of the FAI, sentenced to 9 and 10 years and 8 months for the attack on the CEO of Ansaldo, Roberto Adinolfi, shot in the legs 7 May 2012.

the head of the organization was in Turin, but the raids have reached over Italy. As well as the arrests took place patchy: Piedmont, Lazio and Abruzzo. Thirty-house searches in some thirty apartments in Piedmont, Liguria, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Campania and Umbria.

The start of Digos investigations by the attack of the Crocetta district in Torino 5 March 2007, when some bombs exploded next to the refuse container. The weapons had a dual purpose: to hit the cops and get media prominence. The attack, no casualties, was claimed by the authors, then, with the names of Disney characters: Goofy, Paperoga, Pluto.

Two other bombs exploded were always for the same hand in front of the police training school of Fossano, in the Cuneo province, on June 2, 2006. in these years of study investigators analyzed a mountain of ideolologici documents have identified the membership structure and evolution of the international Fai.


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