Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rome, Grillo before canceling the meeting with Rays, then thinks better: yes to blitz – The Republic

A step back, then one forward. Before Beppe Grillo stated that it does not want to get to Rome to meet with the mayor Virginia Rays. Then, he changed his mind and would be ready for a surprise blitz, the only way to avoid the onslaught of reporters and cameras. The leader tries to throw off reporters and decided to change the base: no longer the Hotel Forum, where normally stays, but another hotel in the capital. Meanwhile, the mayor arrived at the Capitol and to those who ask if he sees Grillo replied: “It ‘s possible.”

The founder of the Movement is furious with the mayor and wants to clarify. Tuesday had already left for all afternoon in connection with the parliamentary cinquestelle gathered in the House to resolve a crisis that threatens to wipe out his creature, at stake is not just the Rome government but also national ambitions. Arrived in the evening diktat went something like this: “ ow enough, you do as I say. Via Muraro, Marra, Romeo and well De Dominicis”. If Virginia seemed ready to give in on caposegreteria Romeo and Deputy Head of Cabinet Marra, he was instead very firm on the names of two assessors.

During the day you will know the decisions taken by the leaders of the Movement of Rome. “” Hurry, hurry. “Thus responds Luigi Di Maio member of the M5S directory, intercepted by SkyTg24 asking him if it was a decision of Rome. It ‘s over the meeting?” I think that at least we must have the right to sleep. .. “replies Di Maio. The activity, meanwhile, he resumed.” I go back to the streets tonight. The #Costituzionecoasttocoast then closes tonight at Nettuno, to 19 in Piazza Cesare Baptists. I’ll get there around 19:45 And later give an appointment to cars, motorcycles and scooters for ‘escort me to Neptune. “He writes well on Facebook Congressman M5S Alessandro Battista after yesterday had canceled in haste the leg of his tour anti- reform saying: “There are problems

the reactions. in the meantime, the “dissident” Federico Pizzarotti, mayor of Parma suspended from M5S and waiting for a final verdict , returns to speak of the Roman chaos. “Council ray to reason with his head and consult with his councilors,” said the microphones of ‘Radio too. Then in Omnibus, La7, points the finger back against the Executive Board: “the directory has proved inadequate, he should resign.” it admits that it would be ready to run for the leadership of the Movement. “i would love to do – he said – if my aid could be used to solve problems.” also spoke the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris. “I if I was in Rome I would have voted Virginia Rays – says speaking on RTL 102.5 – because I think we needed it after the scandal Mafia capital and all there was, but I have to said to be particularly surprised negatively. Deserves a cup. No one would have imagined

that in such a short time had not talked about a topic that plagues the city of Rome, but it is all a matter of internal power, armchairs, then evoke the powers that be, but they are appointments made Mayor ray, it seems really embarrassing. “Then it was the turn of Antonio Di Pietro to Agora Estate microphones (Rai Tre):” I heard Grillo. And ‘serene, cheerful and in its way is laughing, though bitterly. “

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