Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rome, Muraro: “Conspiracy against us, but now denounce the corruption” – The Republic

Rome – “This is a difficult day … but I have not received anything by the prosecutor.” Paola Muraro, councilor for Environment of the junta Rays, is still at work on the papers to be presented this afternoon in Ecomafie parliamentary committee. In San Macuto palace will be presented as an investigation for abuse of office and environmental crimes. The novelty, learned from the newspapers, is a hard blow to metabolize. But time is running out and that available to make the last changes to the answers to be presented to honorable senators and together with the mayor pentastellata (but without the support of our legal) is almost finished: “denounce all serious situations I faced in Ama in these first two months. “

it should also respond to the attacks of the former director general Daniele Fortini, who always Ecomafie commission, has pulled several times at stake. How to respond?
“I clarify the facts disclosed in the hearing by the great storyteller Fortini. If I do do, though. This attack is unprecedented in history. When we started to reorganize Ama did escape the sole director Alessandro Solidoro. “

No one, however, will prevent her to explain to committee what you think is happening in the municipal Environment.
” I will speak tomorrow (this afternoon, ed) because there is a rotten system to change. Last week we started working on the restructuring of the company. But I could not ufficializzarla because immediately came the attack. Solidoro went away and the director general Stefano Bina should be helped, must be defended. it comes from another reality, different from the Roman one. “

who is that, according to her, pulling against in Ama? The executives inherited from previous management?
“The problem is within the company. The service order that was supposed to put everything in order is skipped because it decided the old policy. Right and left have made common front against the change. they try to stop me, to make me give up. But go ahead. Whether it was the only thing I’ll do, Ama has to change for the good of the

But can change with a councilor under investigation? The mayor what do you think?
“We are aligned with all the junta. First Virginia Rays. Then just listen Luigi Di Maio. He said: now the problems begin and are strong powers. however, I repeat, I have not received anything by the prosecutor. “

But the “old politics” wasted no time to attack. How do you plead? Resurface the issue of differentiated, of which Rome no one could know the real percentage?
“The rotten system has to change. The waste is nothing compared to the rest. The problems in Ama, all hidden from the its interior. in the farm I found a blackmail system at the expense of workers, who work every day in poor conditions. “

in his file there will also be internal movements company? In the past there would be suspicious promotions.
“Sure, I will speak also of those little notices clear that there have been in the company before my arrival”

In light?
“I’ll have to ask for the hearing classified status to the chairman of the Committee. it is a measure that is used to allow the prosecution to carry out all the necessary checks.”

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