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Di Maio deserting television (video), Di Battista cancels the tour: the Roman grain and M5S escape – BBC

Luigi Di Maio waiver of action on TV as the first guest Politics , the new talk show Raitre conducted by Gianluca Semprini who took the place was the Ballaro Floris and Giannini. Alessandro Di Battista cancels #Costituzione CoastToCoast leg of the tour because “there are so many problems in Rome and it is best to go back.” The blog of Beppe Grillo , on Monday released a video message in which Virginia Rays ensures to be “working to Rome,” speaks of a different (main post on euro and international monetary policies and the minipost shoulder earthquake and government announcements) as if the capital is not nothing was happening, as if the same mayor had not allowed in front of the Ecomafie commission to be aware already in July of the investigations involved who see her councilor for Environment, Paola Muraro. For the big 5 Star Movement is not a good time: the events of the junta Capitoline are creating many problems for the directory – and probably the same which Grillo merely send its an encouraging text message ( “M5S will succeed in provided that colder on the right foot “) – and does not seem that you have already identified a ‘ exit strategy shared. Ergo: better to avoid public and television appearances, where pretend nothing is impossible.

About the hashtag hits …

the decision to Di Maio not to attend the talk Raitre appeared most obviously as an escape. Semprini announced with satisfaction, in recent days, the debut of the Chamber Vice presence and one of the opposition leaders and had emphasized the diversity with Door to Door that always opens its season by hosting the president the duty Council. The back of the exponent pentastellato within hours of direct does not, however, factored the conductor: “Why do not you understand it clearly is – Semprini said in a video posted on social networks -. The lie of Muraro, the lie also the Rays. At this time the great silence. ” And the great silence will end up being the protagonist of the episode with Di Maio in the role of guest of stone, “Di Maio had to respond to questions via Facebook – explains the former Sky journalist who has become known for the determination with which he guided various comparisons television between candidates -. But we do not abolish the direct Facebook. We do it, we know that the company you are talking a lot about this: it had to be #DiMaiorisponde, it becomes #DiMaiononrisponde “.

battle on social

a battle of hashtags that recalls the style of their own media campaigns Grillo & amp; co. However, all day on the net was trendy #RAGGIrati, used by both defenders to the bitter end of the M5S is, above all, by his detractors. And through social, Facebook in this case, Di Battista has given an account of his forfeit the appointment of Ischia, where he would arrive as usual scooter: “I hope we can solve this evening some issues in order to give the appointment with motorcyclists tomorrow afternoon to go together in the evening in the square to Neptune and close the tour. Let me know later. To see the stars.

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