Thursday, September 8, 2016

“Regeni branded and tortured for days by his captors” – The Republic

Rome – The body of Julius Regeni has been used as a horror blackboard. Four, maybe five letters, traced by a blade in five different document incontrovertibly that everyone had appeared immediately clear. No accidents. For days, more than Executioner hands tortured and branded, with sadism and reminiscences of other centuries, the Italian researcher. Then, after days of torture, finish it, turning his face disfigured on itself, up to break his neck. With that body, with photographs contained in the 221 pages of the report of Professor Vittorio Fineschi for months also available to authorities in Cairo, will return today to face the five Egyptian investigators that in the next 48 hours and meet the prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone the Italian investigative team. Because – as they say now the parents of Julius – “was his body, recognizable only by the tip of the nose, to send back each screening. A nip in the attempt to accredit it to be drugged or the victim of a car accident.”

in 225 pages autopsy examination Professor Fineschi makes a long examination of the torture suffered by Julius: broken bones, broken teeth, swelling anywhere. Report though some crucial details: someone has traced some letters on his body. “On the dorsal region – writes Fineschi – to the left of the line are a set of solutions willing to confirm a letter.” Same thing at the right eye, to the side of the eyebrow. And then on the left hand where there was an X. Letter also present on the forehead. Therefore no accident. But torturers professionals. But who he wanted to mark the body of Julius and why he did it?

Whoever prevailed on the boy’s body for days and at different times. Five fractured teeth. Routes also the two shoulder blades, the right shoulder, the wrist, your fingers of the two hands and two feet, with both peroni mashed. Everywhere there are signs of cuts and burns. “It can be assumed – continues nell’autopsia – which so impressed with kicks, fists, sticks, clubs” and then repeatedly throw it to the ground or against some walls. “Some skin lesions – to complete the forensic doctors – have features that militate for a different production period having a different timing.” Translated: Giulio was repeatedly tortured, at a distance of days.

“It seems clear that the tortures that were imposed on the timing and methods of torture that our son had to endure can only be the work of some perverse practitioner of torture, “said Paola and Claudio Regeni. “It is clear that we can not speak of an accident but we can not yet understand how anyone could doubt that Julius was tortured; there focused and systematic action on the body of the poor Julius. Actions that we can bring to the methods already variously and richly illustrated by various international reports, such as those of Amnesty. I know that for those who live in Italy does not exist cognitive and emotional system to even be able to imagine what happened to Julius. But his body speaks. ” Yet Egypt continues to reject any liability.

Giulio’s family hopes that today something can change. Moreover, after the disaster of the first mission, the second trip of Egyptian investigators in Rome is a spot marked by the government in an attempt to keep nailed the Cairo to judicial cooperation so far with no results. But, somehow, it can also turn into a final call. For this, the prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone, substitute Sergio Colaiocco, the Carabinieri of the ROS and the policemen of the SCO that from February working on the case expect precise answers from the Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Nabil Ahmed Sadek. Beginning with the infamous traffic of the cell phone in the area where Julius was kidnapped. Yesterday – and it is another positive sign shy – they got some documents from Cambridge. Others are expected in the coming days. “We are so used to false leads – say Paola and Claudio – that we are in a kind of suspension. But we wait. And never give them up to the truth.”

murder Regeni
Giulio Regeni

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