Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Woods minister challenged by the committee not to Unity Day “Fascists” – BBC

“We are pleased that you are here, but now let us talk» | h24 – CorriereTv

Some fifteen members of the committee for the rejection of the Constitutional referendum staged a protest during the debate at the Unity party of Milan which was attended by the Minister for Maria Elena Boschi reforms. The committee members ‘Some say no, “rose to their feet as he spoke to the minister, showing a flyer that read” No to your simplification’. The minister immediately replied from the stage: “We are pleased that you are present because this party is open to everyone, and we offer everyone a comparison without closing the door to anyone.” The militants shouted to the minister “Woods are with you,” as provocation and she replied saying, “We ask you to listen to as you do in a democracy. Now they had their 30 seconds of attention with the press. We go on with our work. ” The audience in the debate chanted “out, out”, addressed the protesters. “We are not afraid, and among the people we are. we are not afraid to walk around the streets because we are many – said Woods -. This reform is not the Democratic Party or the government but of the country, if he wants to say yes to change. “



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