Thursday, September 8, 2016

Romans dissatisfied with the city, only worse Athens – Il Sole 24 Ore

Lack of labor and safety, unaffordable housing, transport, hospitals and Pa inefficient. These are the elements that make the citizens of Rome among the least satisfied in Europe. According to a Eurostat study that in 2015 gathered the opinions of the residents of 79 European cities, the Eternal City is the second to last among EU capitals for approval by its inhabitants. Only 80% is satisfied, worse just makes Athens (71%).

But among the 79 urban centers surveyed (which are also included 28 capital) bringing up the rear in absolute it is Palermo, and Naples is third last before Athens. Leading the standings are the northern European capitals, with Vilnius (98%) in the lead followed by Stockholm and Copenhagen (both 97%).

To investigate the Roman dissatisfaction causes must be away from work and home . “People who live in cities with a dynamic labor market often have great difficulties in finding adequate housing at reasonable prices” and vice versa, notes the European statistical agency, “this situation has not been observed in all the cities.” Security is another major concern of the Romans. They are, however, especially by public transport to make the Romans among the least satisfied in Europe. Roma makes record tass € or lower Popularity (30%) between the EU capitals, and with regard to air quality, the percentage is just over 30 percentage points.


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