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Roma, the Democratic Party attack Rays: “No politics, but the clash between law firms” – The Republic

ROME – The Raging controversy inquiry-borne dell’assessora Environment of Rome Paola Muraro and while the Democratic Party back to attack the mayor Virginia Rays for its links with the law firm Sammarco , where the lawyer worked.

it all stems from the time of the neo statements Councillor Budget, Raffaele De Dominicis, a judge in the Court’s retirement dei Conti: I accepted the assignment in the Capitol, he explains, “because a friend, the Sammarco lawyer, asked availability and I decided to make myself available.” With Rays there was only one telephone conversation, waiting for De Dominicis returns to Rome in the next few days to make function.

The contact between the junta M5s and the commissioner is therefore Pieremilio Sammarco, owner of a study of administrative Law, which was present to the settlement of the Capitol Rays. His brother Alexander, criminal, defended in major Cesare Previti processes, at which Virginia Rays study carried out by the trainee lawyer. Ties that trigger criticism of dem.

For the former candidate for mayor of Rome, Roberto Giachetti the problem in Rome “is to those who really decides. No change of pace, no administrative novelty nor even of political culture. in Rome is emerging, in reality, a clash between two law firms: what Casaleggio where it was deposited the contract signed by the Rays, and we would also like to know how many commissioners, and that Sammarco headed Previti “, says talking about the political crisis in the Capitol. According Giachetti “it is unthinkable that the Rays Mayor choices can be mediated with law firms and criminal provisions.”

According Giachetti, “Mayor ray had already He abdicated its decision-making power “because of the” contract for which they have to decide together with the Casaleggio study, otherwise it would be forced to pay a penalty. ” Then he continues, “while not believing in conspiracies, we put things in a row: it seems clear that the inauguration day in the front row was the head of Sammarco study; then begins a struggle of power to appoint chief of staff Raffaele Marra, no stranger to those of the right environments, today the new councilor for the Budget tells us that the choice on his name has taken place thanks to Sammarco study, not with the ballyhooed streaming or curricula, “says the vice president of the Chamber.

“what is happening, in its most degenerate expression of correntismo and the old policy, is in danger of undermining the value of the law on the direct election of the mayor who has the strength extraordinary to entrust the elected mayor the responsibility of decisions, “he adds. “I am perfectly aware of the problems, the pressures and difficulties encountered when you must dial a team, a junta. For this reason I decided to submit it 15 days before the first round,” and concludes, “these souls of the movement seem to me a little more impetuous and harmful than they were ‘our’ current. “

The attack also comes from the deputy renziano Ernesto Carbone :” The party-movement, which wanted giving direct democratic teachings and transparency, subcontracts the choice for leading positions in the City of Rome to the owner of the law firm where ray was a practicum. it is proof that German and Previti call the shots in the junta Capitoline pace of grillini and their alleged change anxieties “. Duro also Andrea Marcucci , Senator very close to the prime minister: “Streaming? Referendum? A true one? Useless, now just signaling a right friend,” writes Twitter .

Even Sen. Stefano Esposito calls into question Previti:” They have asked for an opinion of him? “. Along the same lines the deputy dem Alessia Morani : “Further confirmation, after the case Marra (former aide to former mayor Gianni Alemanno, ed ), which is in Rome is coming back in both methods of decision, always in tight circles and opaque power, both in links with the world of the worst right that did so much damage to the city. “

Ironie also coming from the right. “It would be interesting to know what you think of the M5S the basis of the relationship between the mayor and his old studio Sammarco / Previti which proves to be on good terms even today,” says Federico Mollicone , responsible for communication Brothers of Italy. “The five-star did not have to select the assessors with the Network and the curriculum?”.

Dura replica of the M5S. “Who has been brought forward this appointment of De Dominicis do not know, I do not care. I do not show that he did Sammarco”, says the president of the Committee of the Capitol Mobility, Enrico Stefano . “I know it is of the highest level appointment, I have always read with interest his work. I have an Anglo-Saxon vision and De Dominicis is a person up. They are all falsehood and a party like the Democratic Party who resigned the mayor by a notary should not talk. “

the father of Pieremilio and Alessandro Sammarco, Carlo, has long been President of the Court of Appeal of Rome and passed to the news for two clamoro judgments: one on the IMI-SIR case, when the Court of Appeal recognized the reasons for Nino Rovelli, condemning the Imi to pay the entrepreneur more than 800 billion pounds, and the one that canceled the award Mondadori to Berlusconi handing ownership of Mondadori.

the then candidate Rays was over the center of controversy for an assignment from studying Sammarco between 2008 and 2009, when he was appointed chairman of the board of directors of a company, the Hrg Before the local elections of June, of which he was managing director delegated Gloria Rojo, secretary of Franco Panzironi, former CEO of Ama involved in the investigation of Roman Parentopoli and Mafia Capital. “It was not a job, just an assignment for the study Sammarco”, he explained the then candidate for mayor. “When relations between the studio and the company has ceased, I interrupted. The Rojo I knew her as a customer of LikeTweet

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