Sunday, September 4, 2016

Capitol investigated Councillor for Environment Muraro. Budget comes Raffaele De Dominicis – TGCOM

On the junta Capitoline get another tile. Because the deputy, Paola Muraro , is being investigated by prosecutors in Rome for abuse of office and environmental violations. The news so far had been kept confidential, but since Monday Muraro should appear at the parliamentary committee hearing Ecomafie the issue was leaked. Appointed the new commissioner to the financial statements: will be Raffaele De Dominicis .

“Compact Board, M5S united against the powers “comments Muraro on a possible setback as a result of press reports about an investigation against him. Step back that the commissioner therefore excludes. Monday in Ecomafie parliamentary committee “go with the mayor without a lawyer because I have not received anything,” referring to the fact that it has not received any notice of, or communication among the judiciary. Sull’assessore there was already controversy in late July, when it was discovered that Muraro was, for 12 years, AMA consultant; But then the mayor, Virginia Rays, had confirmed his confidence. And even now, it seems, has reiterated the position.

According to a report in the Corriere della Sera , the lines of investigation opened by the prosecutor are three , and one concerned with installations that Muraro ran on behalf of municipal waste, and that would bring in the management company coffers (Ama and society Manlio Cerroni, patron Malagrotta) more money than they should falsifying data disposal. On this line the police of the core operating Ecological have already seized documents, to carry out checks on the extent of the fraud, but also to ascertain the nature of the relationship between Muraro and Cerroni.

They go hand still screened the relationship between the commissioner and Salvatore Buzzi , which with Massimo Carminati is considered one of the top Mafia Capital. In fact there are recordings of three phone calls of 2012 between Muraro and Buzzi for one of the contracts on waste management. The Buzzi cooperative did not get the contract, and for that the conversations had been held criminally irrelevant; But now the magistrates want to review them in the light of the new investigation, after which the Muraro will be summoned for questioning.

the lawyer: “I’m stunned” “I am stunned and amazed by the news I read today in some newspapers. I have learned that my client, who has not received any communication by the Prosecutor of Rome, is under investigation for three months for abuse of office. This news will not stop us, the ” operation truth “about Ama goes on. We are ready to clarify everything,” the first comment Salvatore Sciullo, office of Muraro. “The position of my client does not change – still has explained the lawyer – Monday will travel to Ecomafie commission and is ready to deliver a thick file and answer all questions that will be asked

Meanwhile, the mayor Virginia Raggi has selected the new councilor for the Budget : will be former attorney general of the Court of Auditors of Lazio, Raffaele De Dominicis , which it takes the place of the outgoing Marcello Minenna. De Dominicis, Magistrate, in the past has also dealt with the affair Metro C and retired in June after a long legal career.

On what is happening in the Capitol spoke on the sidelines of the G20 in China , premier Renzi . “I intend to abide by the discussion in M5s struggling with government tests” of the capital, he said. But then the jab: “ should govern if they can , the executive’s highest institutional respect”. Finally, the reference to the case Muraro: “A notice of investigation is not a conviction. Not inseguiremo the unserious attitude had by others in the past.”


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