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Rays, from victory to Honesty tensions and suspicions, two months of quarrels – BBC

‘s only certainty is the’ opening words . Still resonates in the Giulio Cesare the echo of that cry, “honesty, honesty!”, So full of militant enthusiasm to prevent, even today, even the most facile irony Maramaldo. It is July 7. For the first time in Rome mayor settles a woman, a mother, a grillina Virginia Rays. Among the flash, mother Virginia drives up in the chair of the mayor’s son Matthew, 6: discontinuous also in style. In the audience, cheering, there is however a nice stretch of continuity: Pieremilio Sammarco, owner of the firm that assists Cesare Previti. The lawyer from Virginia just Previti did the practicum, Sammarco mentor. He forgot to write it into the curriculum, and it is not the only omission. Hath also forgot an assignment in the company of a secretary of Franco Panzironi, black soul of Mafia capital. They also caught her, then copy paste from the web on his electoral program. But that cry, “honesty, fairness,” looks like a hymn to the joy that everything clears. Even the beginnings of this giallaccio: step back need to understand nearly three months of secrets and lies.

June 17, the prophecy

There two days in the runoff. At 21:07 Virginia promises four councilors in case of victory. Among them Paola Muraro: “He works with the loves, knows what to do ….” Then it seems an encouragement, today seems a premonition left. It must have also played left to well-informed of the Movement: “They put the fox guarding the hen house”, is one of the first, acid comments on Facebook . Part of a collection of signatures against the councilor pe ctore : eight hundred in the blink of an eye.

July 5, the magic radius

Start a grueling dance on the chairs. The days are consumed in talks between the souls of the Movement, the rivalry with Roberta Lombardi’s lead in the wings: the Rays want next to people they trust. The first is Daniel Frongia, guardian angel who accompanies him in the settlement machine. Crippled by the quibbles of the law Severino and hostility of Lombardi, Frongia can not occupy the strategic post of chief of staff: become deputy mayor. He pulls behind Raffaele Marra, Deputy Head of Cabinet and real political Plenipotentiary: 120,000 Euros a year in salary, frowned upon by the Roman directory (monopolized by Lombardi and Paola Taverna) to have worked with Alemanno and Polverini and suspected of being a fil noir that connects many points around Virginia. Who decides for the mayor?

shadow carousel


“Marra will be relocated.” The PS that Grillo passes to the post of Rays


July 9, the first goodbye

From law firms “previtiani” to the right of the former junta Alemanno moneymaker until Manlio Cerroni, the “Supreme” of the Roman trash whose boss, you’ll find out later, Muraro is connected at least by a common corporate contact: there is a clear overall picture that perhaps scares Daniela Morgante , shown from the wing lombardiana as chief of staff: “they put me in the meat grinder, I give up, I’m a magistrate.” Grillo intervenes, the Lombardi takes a step back. The Councillor for the Budget Marco Minenna, former Consob, wanted by Luigi Di Maio as a sign of renewal, obtained the appointment of Carla Raineri, anti-corruption magistrate, with a salary of 193,000 euro now at the center of controversy.

July 17, the detection

Paola Muraro, more and more talk (12 years of consulting loves to over one million euro of payments) requests access to the Prosecutor acts in accordance with Article 335 of the code. It turns investigated from April 21 for illegal management of waste in an investigation sull’Ama and companies that are owned by Cerroni (itself under investigation). It informs immediately after the mayor. The Rays will support notifying the Roman directory. Jump out even three phone calls (not criminally relevant) between Muraro and Salvatore Buzzi, a member of Carminati boss in Mafia Capital. The councilor who Ama controlled the regularity of the waste input and output streams, he turns trusted collaborator Panzironi and John Fiscon, former general director of the municipal company, he too in Mafia Capital.

25 July, streaming

the councilor enters, cameras in tow, Ama, umiliandone publicly president Daniele Fortini, announcing his resignation. At stake is the idea to go back to using a landfill in Rocca di Cencia due precisely Cerroni. The newspapers are beginning to urge mayor and councilor, both repeat that Muraro “has not received notices of” playing on ambiguity: the quality of investigation does not depend on, the alert is sent only if required to carry out investigations and Muraro was already “informed” by July 17.

August 4, “dear Luigi”

on August 2 at dinner by Alessandro Di Battista to Flaminio, the Rays (with Frongia) meets the national directorate to discuss the” case Muraro “. Silent what he knows? Two days later Paola Taverna Di Maio sends a detailed email which informs him that the councilor is investigated. Di Maio will say they have misunderstood the text. In a summer of cross dossier of “all against all”, bursts also the case of Salvatore Romeo, head of the Political Secretariat loyalist Marra, put on leave and again ‘hired’ to triple the salary (€ 105,000).

September 1, 5 fleeing

Request for an opinion, the Anac of Canton pronounce unfavorably on the appointment procedure of Raineri. The Rays communicates it on Facebook with a post at 5 am; It suspects that the author of the request is Marra. With Raineri they resign Minenna and the leaders of transport companies and waste. Paul Berdini, city planning commissioner, resigns, then thinks: “We must put Marra in a position to do no harm.” The junta is in pieces.

September 4, falls the veil

in front of the Ecomafie commission, Rays and Muraro admit to being long aware of the investigation sull’assessora. A dinner in a pizzeria in Testaccio, the mayor is unleashed (according to Done ) with Di Maio on the phone: “Either you tell me what to do or we go home, another like Muraro where I find ?. ” When replacing Minenna, mail a photo (with 1,300 like on Twitter): she, Romeo and staff that scan a computer, “we are choosing the new councilor for the Budget, the work does not stop.” Unfortunately, almost simultaneously, the newly selected, the accounting magistrate Raffaele De Dominicis, reveals: “A friend, the Sammarco lawyer, asked availability and I felt that I must make available to the Rays mayor.” As in a game of monopoly rigged, he always comes back to the starting point. Rome was not there on the board, it would also be fun.

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