Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blizzard of Virginia Rays, the base occurs on the case Muraro. Executive Board at the conclave – ANSA.it

More ‘eight-hour meeting to find a solution on the case Rome. It ‘a real conclave that of the M5S leaders in the House: several members of the Directory (among others Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Fico and Carla Ruocco) as well as representatives of the mini-directory Vignaroli Stefano and Paola Taverna. The meeting would not concern only the case councilor Paola Muraro but on the whole ‘Chapter’ Rome. And the goal and ‘find a common exit strategy to exit the crawlspace Capitoline. Of course, you still learn, and ‘excluded the hypothesis, circulated by certain press organs, removing the symbol of the Movement to the mayor Virginia Rays.

And the mayor, after meeting the councilors M5s tonight sees the assessors. The meetings focused once again on “Muraro case”, the commissioner investigated which yesterday reported, along with the mayor, in Ecomafie commission.

The storm came on M5s in Rome, therefore, shakes the whole movement and also the ‘base’ is felt strongly on the web, with protests but also with encouragement to ‘mayor’.

Paola Muraro, investigated, handed over to the commission Ecomafie a long dossier of a thousand pages and his lawyer has said he wants to be heard by prosecutors. Luigi Di Maio has declined to participate in the broadcast ‘Politics’ and Alessandro Di Battista has interrupted the tour: “There are problems in Rome and it is best to go back,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor has launched an investigation on the appointment of Carla Raineri at the head of Cabinet. A river of Deputies meeting of the Movement summits, the Capitol Rays met local councilors.

And qualified sources interviewed by ANSA on the matter of the alleged exchange of mail between the mayor and the deputy chairman of the House explain that Virginia Rays did not send any e-mail to Luigi Di Maio on the case of the Environment Paola Muraro.

tHE POSITION councilor MURARO – “I have met with of ‘holders investigation that involves the commissioner Muraro to which I reiterated the full intention of questioning to clarify all points of this affair.” So the lawyer Salvatore Sciullo leaving the square Clodius offices where he met Alberto Galanti, owner survey on waste where Muraro is accused of violating environmental standards. The magistrates, before proceeding with any requests, waiting for the transcript in Ecomafie. Yesterday Muraro delivered to Ecomafie commission a binder of about a thousand pages. This is material that soon will be also the attention of pm the Rome prosecutor investigating the business of waste disposal in the capital. Muraro, who has been a consultant, would have provided in particular the documentation in relation to the period between 2013 and 2015.

THE REVOLT OF BASE – The commissioner for 12 years Muraro, the mayor Virginia Rays, but also the Directory: in the crosshairs of the base M5S end up a bit ‘all the blog of Beppe Grillo, where, in line at the video message yesterday the first town the capital, giving way to the critical messages. “L’affaire Muraro / Rays in Rome is undermining the entire project of the Movement, the original one built by Gianroberto Casaleggio and Beppe Grillo. Transparency, legality, direct democracy, involvement of the network, none of this was done in this embarrassing affair Roman “, says Fabrizio D. from Rome while Demetrius, from Florence, attacks:” I’m so sorry to say but the story of Rome is imputtanando around the M5S. What can you do? For me, first of all out of excuses and then Muraro rays to Rome for good. ” A little further on even Darth goes down hard and stresses that “no Casaleggio and Grillo which is done by hand, in even five months have managed to send to hell the movement” while Gina advises: “Before taking any office ripassatevi history of your move. ” And there are those who, in a ‘historiographical’ still manifests its proximity to the Movement: “Rome will be our stalingrado resist resist resist!”.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s rays at the Capitol engaged in a range of contacts with the top pentastellati .

The mayor of Parma, Federico Pizzarotti goes to the and calls for the resignation of the Movement directory after that – allegedly – showed “not knowing how to handle the Movement.”

PROSECUTOR OPENS iNVESTIGATION oN aPPOINTMENT RAINERI – the Rome prosecutor has launched an investigation in relation to the appointment of Carla Raineri at the head of the Cabinet of Rome, who resigned in recent days, and his compensation. The proceeding was initiated as a necessary act to dell’esposto light presented recently by FDI. The complaint states that “the Capitoline Administration, in Resolution 14/2016″ would be “incurred in the illegality in violation” of some legislative decrees and the “Regulations on the organization of the Entity Offices and services.” (

story – Paola Muraro risulta investigated from April. And the file opened sull’assessore Environment of the City of Rome knew both the mayor Virginia Rays is the directory of the M5S . They are different, and all of unpredictable consequences, the news emerging from the hearing of the Rays and Muraro in committee waste. a hearing River where, beyond the waste of capital management, is the figure of Muraro end up in the crosshairs of the components. And in which ray says, almost surprisingly, that the survey sull’assessore had informed pentastellati leaders. words certainly in contrast with the findings of the Executive Board, that was not the case Muraro aware, and are likely to lead to a confrontation between the first citizen of Rome and the heads of the M5S. Directory that, on the chaos in the Capitol, in days seems to go in no particular order reflecting the fact that, as has been some pentastellato, in Rome you’re playing for a long time the big game of the internal currents.

On the Movement, at this time, has unleashed a veritable storm, with Muraro case it adds to international criticism on the appointment of Raffaele De Dominicis and the alleged involvement the law firm Sammarco.


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