Monday, September 5, 2016

Rome, Muraro and Rays in committee Ecomafie: Councillor investigated from April 21 – The Messenger

The commissioner Paola Muraro knew he was under investigation by the end of July, and the Rays mayor is aware of the opening of a dossier after July 19. And ‘This is the result of eco-mafia committee at which both participated today. “In late July, I learned of a 335 art.256 paragraph 4,” said Paola Muraro answering the question of the Chairman of the Committee ecomafie Alessandro Bratti. In practice, through the model 335 the commissioner became aware in July of being under investigation for the offense of managing waste without a permit.

“I have been informed of the opening of a file ‘on’ Councillor for the Environment Paola Muraro “in the second half of the month, in the period from July 19 to the end of the month,” said ray.

 The commissioner also spoke of “media attack” against him and claimed that “there is no precedent.” Sull’assessore “there is a general challenge, there is no notice of investigation. We evaluated in a meeting in which there was also the head of cabinet, “and he was determined that it was a” too general challenge to understand what we’re talking about, as soon as there will be more information we will take action, “stressed Rays .

“Returning to the speech if I was investigated or not, the question that journalists do it,” you’ve got a warrant? “And I a notice did not get one. Then, if the reporter writes … the difference is crucial, but the question is this. And the notice is not there, ‘he pointed Muraro. However, precise Muraro did not know Salvatore Buzzi: ‘With Buzzi there were three phone calls “and a message” when I tell him that I tried. I give him the ‘Lei, Buzzi me of’ her. I do not know, Buzzi does not know me ‘.

According to the Adnkronos directory M5S however unaware that the deputy Paola Muraro was investigated, nor was it aware the minidirettorio. Mayor Ray instead said in committee that he informed the leaders of the M5S existence of the file.

As for waste, with Love, “we must review the service agreement. If the Love does not make the services, there is a monitoring body, expected in May, but that does not exist “, he continues Muraro noting, among the critical points, also the fact that there are no financial penalties in case of disruptions. “We realized we too there was something wrong.” “I have been appointed on. 7 July and I experienced for myself in the service road – he said – I saw that bulky were not collected in the service home and recycles in recyclable waste was not given the opportunity to the citizens to confer”

The mayor Rays.


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