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Rome. Do not let the commissioner Muraro under investigation. Virginia Rays appointment to the Annual De Dominicis – Rai News

The Minister for the Environment Paola Muraro would be entered in the register of suspects by prosecutors in Rome three months ago, before its entry into the Capitoline council. The offenses alleged would abuse of office and environmental crimes. Meanwhile, the mayor Rays appointed Councillor Budget Raffaele De Dominicis, former Attorney General of the State Audit Court of Lazio.


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They wait Paola Muraro hours of great unknowns and uncertainties. The deputy in charge of the Capital of Italy at 17.00 will visit Commission Ecomafie to answer for his 12 years Ama. Hearing that could tackle investigated: as reported by various press organs, in fact, the former advisor to the municipal Capitoline would be entered in the register of suspects by prosecutors in Rome already three months ago, before he became commissioner of Ray Giunta . But the news would be kept confidential so as not to influence the political debate and the controversy about the City of Rome. Muraro denies having received anything and not relinquish his office and appeals to M5S to remain united against the powers. All ‘appointment with the Commission Ecomafie will go alone, without a lawyer; “Because I have not received anything.”
To accompany a bulky dossier of two folders that will deliver to the Commission, ready to answer all questions that will be addressed.

“I ‘ stunned and stupefied by the news I read today in some newspapers. I have learned that my client, who has not received any communication by the Prosecutor of Rome, is under investigation for three months for abuse of office. This news will not stop us, the “operation truth “about Ama goes on. We are ready to clarify everything “, says Salvatore Sciullo, legal dellAssessore Environment.

What the waste chaos is a warm front. The name of Muraro has been approached several times to the investigation, launched in July by the prosecutor Alberto Galanti, costs and the procedures followed for disposal in tritovagliatore Rocca Cencia, owned by Colari companies ie Manlio Cerroni, the ‘former owner Malagrotta. In this dossier the Capitoline magistrates proceed to the crime of conspiracy, fraud Ama damage, fraud in public supplies and illegal waste trafficking. Muraro, before the police in late June sequestrassero the plant cards, was in favor of its use. The real issue, though, are the counseling : 2004 to 2016, the commissioner has worked as a referent in the IPPC Tmb plants Cencia Rocca and Via Salaria. The hypothesis is that for a long period have been underutilized, producing less waste output. Being studied by investigators also the salary that Muraro has received in recent years by the AMA Consulting. Investigation also the intercepts between Muraro and Buzzi, the ras of Mafia cooperative capital.

Luigi Di Maio , you do not make concessions to anyone but “there are no cards to assess “meaning that there is a warrant then noted that:” to whom you are rubbing their hands say that the movement has never made concessions to anyone, especially inside. serene Stiano our detractors that they think azzopparci “.

Meanwhile, Virginia Rays chose, along with the M5S components of the Budget Committee, as a new commissioner to balance , the former Attorney General of the Lazio association after the resignation of Marcello Minenna, the Court of Auditors Raffaele De Dominicis , who before retiring last June, he was involved in Mafia Capital and Metro C. De Dominicis unlike his predecessor have not been delegated to Participate . “It ‘was a mistake,” he annotated the mayor rays than the super department entrusted to Minenna, as announced by the first citizen of Rome.

Now, Virginia Rays remains to find a new chief of staff, a new commissioner to the assets and subsidiaries and a new managing director for Ama. In the past few hours we were chosen Manuel Fantasy as Sole Administrator of Atac . By the staff of the mayor questioned the timing of responding choice: “We were not rushed, focus on quality.”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, was heard the former commissioner to the financial statements, Marcello Minenna. “A few days ago – he explains – I have felt the need to resign from ‘task entrusted to me when I perceived what they euphemistically describe as a’ lack of transparency ‘in the management of the procedure for dismissal of that delicate nerve and administrative figure of the Chief of Cabinet, true guarantor of legality and transparency in the techno-machine city. “


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