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Rome, M5s, the last outburst Minenna: “With Virginia wrong people” – The Republic

ROME. There is no time to treat. And Beppe Grillo is already sick of Virginia Rays: “I can always do your nanny. Now – has made it known the Head – ve the offerred by yourself.” Considers the first town in the hands of the “magic range.” The puzzled look while breaks with the big names of the national directorate. It is furious because it favors the rise of Salvatore Romeo and Raffaele Marra, absolute lords of the municipality that have fanned the fire of confrontation. A war of power now clear to everyone, including the rooms of Palazzo Senatorio. Even Marcello Minenna, came into collision with the first town: “The truth – is unleashed on super commissioner with friends, a few hours after the resignation – is that there were no conditions for the respect of the rules. C ‘it was a problem of transparency, Virginia has to explain to the citizens. in these months I have rejected compromises. Virginia was surrounded by the wrong people, which does not have anything to do with the spirit of cinquestelle “. Poison flows come in, in fact. And the Capitol, set to become the showcase of the Movement, is transformed into a jungle.

In risiko to cinquestelle Virginia Rays is surrounded, almost protected by the centurions of the City. The bank also offers a decisive Luigi Di Maio. The regent, pragmatic as ever, considering the Capitoline decisive challenge and struggle not to wreck the grillina administration. Yesterday, not surprisingly, was the first to sponsor a letter from the directory, then put in the drawer by Grillo and internal divisions at the summit. In the letter he allowed “full autonomy” to the mayor. Charges and honors, but without jerking. In full accord with the doctrine Di Maio, which reads: “The time will come when everyone will assume its responsibilities”. The initiative, as mentioned, is wrecked. And that it sank was precisely Grillo.

The comedian has no desire to lock down publicly Rays. It does not intend to devote themselves with new formal acts. And so, when proposing a mission to Rome for Monday, first accept and then change your mind. It puts the signature, let alone face. Not to mention the rest of the directory. Alessandro Di Battista was as sunk, as it is committed in its successful tour around the Peninsula. Carla Ruocco, in keeping with Robert Fico, is furious. Paola Taverna as well. Roberta Lombardi has been for the first electoral triumph. The first two have even suggested to Grillo deprive symbol rays.

On the whole, of course weigh the wrath of the Cape. If there’s one thing that bothers him, it has foreseen everything, unable to brake gear. Only a few weeks ago was just the Founder to suggest Ray get rid of Marra. The deputy chief of staff, however, remained in the saddle and he also conspired with Daniele Frongia to ensure climbing Romeo. In fact, the spark that set off the battle. The three “magic range”, since that time, have further raised the bar against Raineri, defense instead of Minenna. “Bumpy is not his appointment – confides super commissioner lamenting a” lack of transparency “- but the resolution which served to name Romeo”. Certainly, with the raid of August the strong man of the mayor takes a major leap. Three times as the salary increase: from 40 thousand to 139 thousand euro.

It is the moment when the situation gets out of hand. Who cares if Raineri also warns the mayor of the danger that in the appointment are likely to be criminal profiles, which makes it a snap to end up being investigated for abuse of office. The two groups now vie for every centimeter. By the staff of Mayor depart fire sms against super commissioner: “Think of the mayor, want to control itself.” In the focus of the “magic range” also enters the head of the Capitol staff, confirmed at the time of the prefect Trim. And in the feud between currents likely to end up crushed well as the City’s planning department Berdini Paul, and privately complained: “For three times I made board with Minenna, but we have been defeated.” The two are estimated lot, in effect: “It is the best that sitteth in the bargain – confides responsible for the Budget – We also had time to do something nice together. I’m disappointed because the Olympics had said things of common sense.”

And the national directorate? It sided with the technicians of the junta. Ruocco is confronted daily with Minenna,

Taverna considers him a pillar of the administration. None of them like Marra, nor helps that the deputy chief of staff – tell – it was so close to Gianni Alemanno to answer sometimes even on the phone for him. The last word, then, it is up to Minenna: “Exceptions are not admitted to the values ​​of legality, transparency, discipline and honor. In the words of Casaleggio, it is difficult to win against those who never gives up.”

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