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Rome, Ray starts the new course: extended decisions also advisors. “Marra detuned” – The Republic

We are moving towards a ‘new course’ in the Capitol for the decision on the administration Capitoline appointments: decisions on expanded choices, after an initial screening, even to members of the junta and councilors. In a message posted online the councilors of M5s, is the same mayor Virginia Rays to explain the new policy of choice that will be followed for appointments that you expect.

Rays councilors: “Together we win” . “I can tell you that, taking up the initial idea, the Department will be spun off to Attend Annual Report. The talks will be also made by M5s components of the Budget Committee (also by others if they want to, but we do not go in 1000). Have the councilors who conversed with Fantasy … working together is a winner! “. This was the message sent by the mayor chatting Virginia Rays to councilors of M5s.

The greater involvement of the Executive and the Council should cover, among other choices, even that of the future Councillor Budget: trying – do know yet – between institutional profiles. But also between operating engineers with practical skills in the field. As for the chief of staff, between the profiles under consideration there would be also some linked to the police. But there seems to be too much haste on the choice of the new chief of staff, as currently applies the prorogatio with which the vicar Deputy Head, Virginia Proverb, assumes the role previously occupied by Carla Raineri. The new course of the Rays are therefore based on the principle “I choose calmly but choose well.”

Marra toward weakening. It would be redeployed Raffaele Marra, the figure most debated in Campidoglio – thanks a past alongside Gianni Alemanno and Renata Polverini -. The deputy chief of staff of the junta Capitoline and faithful of the mayor Virginia Rays, is at the center of a tug of war that has been going on in M5s days and that, according to rumors could soon end, already at the beginning of next week, with a weakening of the Marra same, destined to play another role on the staff of mayor grillina. Rays, in the beginning, he wanted Marra chief of staff, but was forced to step back for want of Beppe Grillo in person. But now it would decide, in full autonomy is guaranteed, to give up one of his most trusted men to try to appease the crisis within the movement, now on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It is not mystery, moreover, that the tension of Marra is very high, mainly because in the 5 Star file space became convinced that it was the same Marra to instruct the practice ANAC which launched an earthquake in the Capitol putting out Raineri the game, though he discards strongly charges.

Di Battista: “Forza Virginia.” After days of silence, Alessandro Di Battista breaks the silence on the case and Rome He takes up the defense of the mayor. “In Italy – he wrote on Facebook – there is a mayor who administers a city of millions of inhabitants. The mayor has lied about its properties. He appointed a commissioner his business partner and was forced to remove its secretary general (after only 5 days) because he was indicted for bid rigging. all this Tg not say it because the mayor is not the M5s but renziano and is called Sala. Then all were silent. the manipulator is not to be disturbed. ” “Courage Virginia – continues Di Battista – We against everybody. Who takes out you ate Rome and would like to continue the banquet on the Olympic Games. We are with you. And the Romans raped by 30 years of party politics are obscene with us,” he concludes giving appointment to his chat in Castellabate for a new leg of the ‘Constitution Coast to Coast’.

meanwhile, yesterday came the choice for the CEO of ATAC: it comes to Manuel Fantasy , a nuclear engineer who happens to Armando Brandolese, who resigned along with the general manager of Transport, Marco Rettighieri. On the same day – last Thursday – had already arrived the resignation also the sole director of Ama, Alessandro Solidoro, as a result of those arriving in the night by the former head of cabinet, Carla Raineri Romana, and councilor for the Budget, Marcello Minenna.

Imposimato talking about sabotage. “It is regrettable that Raffaele Cantone sabotaged the junta of Rome with a bale in support of Matteo Renzi. It is serious that Virginia Rays have asked Raffaele Cantone, who already had given wrong advice, an opinion which could be requested to the State Council” . He writes this morning in a post on Facebook Ferdinando Imposimato, Honorary President of the Supreme Court. The post has been shared on his Facebook page, former councilor for the Budget of the junta Rays Marcello Minenna. “With its Imposimato authority intervenes again on the opinion requested from Canton,” said the former commissioner.

Minenna: “Deficit of transparency.” “In these months of intensive work I made available to citizens and the team of the mayor Rays all my resources and technical expertise – is to know about Facebook the former commissioner – constantly inspiring my action exactly those values ​​non-negotiable when I feel ‘healthy carrier’. I also in recent months, rejected interference and compromises always interloquendo all while respecting the different institutional roles “is unleashed Minenna.

and a broadside on the chaos that currently reigns in the Capitol also comes from the Keeper: “i hope as a citizen that the next five years are not like the first two months,” says this morning in Genoa Andrea Orlando.

Meanwhile, test Rays to shut yourself with a sharp U-turn, since the golden salaries: “Nobody will be able to earn more than 76 thousand euro” and the frantic hunt for experienced “safe.”

M5s split .

“I would be hypocritical to say that all is well,” admits the director Enrico Stefàno, “among the top national and local ones of the Movement there is a dialectic sometimes on, why is it that you can always all be of the same opinion “. One way to minimize the last civil war that threatens to blow up 5 stars. “There is no war, we are starting to work now. We’re ‘fasando’” – says Salvatore Romeo, head of the political secretariat of Virginia Rays – Rome is not a walk, here is not easy. “So says the Movement 5 stars the sharp criticism of the center-left and center-right parties. But certainly not lacking internal discontent. Relieved, first of all, by Francesca de Vito, sister of Marcello, president of the Capitoline.

Muraro and Rays ecomafia. Monday at 17 instead will be heard in committee Ecomafia the councilor for the Environment Paola Muraro , who is also at the center of violent controversy in recent weeks for his past as a consultant in Ama. Muraro, who will be accompanied by the mayor Rays “is quiet and say what he has to say Monday in parliamentary committee ecomafie where she asked to be heard,” he explained from his department about a possible investigation Muraro waste load on the front.

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