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Earthquake, Salvini and Grillo – BBC

The truce national politics, a week after the earthquake, seems already at risk. There is only Beppe Grillo to attack from his blog the government for “palliatives” put in the pipeline so far. The new reason for the dispute between the parties is in fact the appointment (yesterday still not decided in the Council of Ministers) of Vasco Errani in the special commissioner of the government for the reconstruction, appointment that Renzi has in mind. The prime minister, from Amatrice where he attended the funeral of State, assured that “the money they need for the reconstruction there are, there is the solidarity of so many people, now we must not waste time: do not leave you alone, the essential thing You will do it when the cameras are turned off, the country rebuild it, piece by piece, but rebuild it “, even along the Umbria model that the prime minister praised during his visit to Norcia in the afternoon which was a” gesture of attention to these people indomitable “. It is not excluded that during today’s meeting with Merkel, Renzi also put on the table the discussion on the flexibility for aid.

the charge of Gasparri

meanwhile it illuminates the controversy over the planned appointment of former President of Emilia-Romagna, who previously worked in the field for the earthquake that struck its region in 2012, but it is also one of the exponents of prominent minority of the Democratic Party. Suggesting to the opposition, especially in FI and the League, that the desire to focus on him is due to reasons of policy: make more docile domestic rebellious component in view of the referendum battle. This is the direct accusation that starts from Maurizio Gasparri, and is the one who seems to also think Matteo Salvini, who also did not speak of it explicitly. The League leader makes sure his party “will cooperate” with the government for the emergency, but proposes a different name for the role of Commissioner: that of the former prefect of Milan and former Commissioner in Rome Francesco Paolo Trim. Man pleasing to Renzi, but that would blow the operation of appeasement inside.

the defense of Bersani

“Who has already failed, if there are half a hundred dead and cities to rebuild, better do more, “he says Salvini proposing precisely« a personality outside of politics as Trim. ” Concept that convinces FI: “The earthquake – said Gasparri – it is not a congress of the Democratic Party session. It is disturbing to think that Renzi Errani to entrust the task, he does so only to engage an inside protester potential: it is sad and shocking that, in a time of mourning again, Renzi think the earthquake as yet another game of his management always most bankruptcy of the Democratic Party. ” Defending Errani took the field Pierluigi Bersani. ( “He’s one of the institutions: If need be there, if you do not need hello”) and representatives of the Italian Left which Fassina and Alfredo D’Attorre, for which “if for once the government makes a good thing, opposition serious must have the courage to recognize it. ” And the Democratic Party Francesca Puglisi replica Gasparri: the appointment of Errani has “nothing to do with the Congress of the Democratic Party,” and in any case of technical “There was enough that intended by his government in L’Aquila (Bertolaso, ed ). ”

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