Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rome, first crisis for the junta Rays: resign Chief Cabinet and Head of Financial Statements – The Republic

A 70 days before the election, the team grillina begins to lose pieces. Revoked the appointment of the chief of staff, Carla Raineri, already over the center of controversy for his mega salary of 193 thousand euro a year. And he resigns Councillor for the Budget, Marcello Minenna that the magistrate had contended in the race for chief of staff.
At 5 am the announcement of the withdrawal of Raineri is on Facebook. Then he beat the ANSA that the holder of the financial statements would have thrown in the towel. Shortly after arriving the statements of Raineri, stating: “I resigned my irrevocable resignation yesterday,” says the ANSA Raineri. If you ask her the reasons for his choice he answers that “it be reflected in a subsequent official statement.”

the reason? Those opposing views on the regularity or otherwise of the appointment of the magistrate. According to the opposition, in fact, the chief of staff assignment was awarded with a contract and not a direct call. “Transparency. It is one of the values ​​that distinguishes us and that we pursue – writes the mayor in a post published in the night -. For this reason we decided to ask an opinion ANAC, the National Anti-Corruption Authority, on all appointments made so far by the Government. A request to ensure maximum transparency: the “palace” has to be made of glass, all citizens must be able to see what goes on inside. This is the M5S. “
” We Based on two conflicting opinions – continues Rays – ANAC directed that the papers examined, said that the appointment of Carla Raineri Roman doctor in charge of cabinet should be reviewed as “the correct source of law to be referred to is Article 90 Tuel” and the application, in this case, Article 110 Tuel is to be considered improper. “We take note – concludes Rays -. consequently, will be prepared the revocation order. “
Via two strategic pawns of the team of mayor. Just Minenna, considered a strong commissioner of the junta, had fought to review the salaries of the staff too high, especially that of caposegreteria Salvatore Romeo. Tips not accepted by the mayor. at the end of the tower falls Minenna. the magic circle of rays is safe.

“I respect the work of the mayor, won her, her honors and duties, I do not mouth on the team, who wins has the responsibility and the duty to govern, “said Matteo Renzi RTL, responding to a question on the resignation.

Immediate commentary by Francesca De Vito, grillina the first hour and sister of the Capitoline Assembly President Marcello. The activist, who had already attacked the appointment of mayor and deputy Daniele Raggi Frongia, Facebook shares the news of the double resignation: “Without words. If the quality is not clear … So what? Now I was someone to say i was wrong! “.

Games During the interview with RTL, however, the prime minister is also back on the candidature of Rome for the 2024 Games:” the Olympics are a what’s great. They allow an investment in the future of cities. I should have no doubt, “said the premier. “O yes or no. If Ray does not sign the letter is out of Rome. My impression is that we are in the lead right now. Say no to the Olympics would be an act

very sad,” says the president of the Council . “I hope the mayor Rays continue on what we have already decided on an institutional level, but if you say no they will take place. Let them choose the five-star thing to do, it’s up to them. I will not do acts affecting the autonomy of Rome or other cities” , added the premier, “if he says no it means that in the future candideremo other cities,” says Renzi.

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