Thursday, September 1, 2016

Renzi rejected the “fertility day”: to make children do not need billboards – BBC

“I do not know any of my friends who is a son because he sees a billboard.” Matteo Renzi has distanced itself from the campaign of the Ministry of Health on “Fertility Day”, an initiative to raise awareness of women and men on the prevention of infertility that on Wednesday sparked controversy and strong reactions on the web. Palazzo Chigi that night had already made it clear that he had enjoyed the campaign but on Thursday Matteo Renzi the ball plainly, “I knew nothing, I have not even seen. If you want to create a company that bet on the future and come back to have children you have to address the structural things. The demographic issue there, but the real question is an overall reasoning, “says the president of the Council speaking on RTL 102.5.

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Fertility Day, the government’s campaign unleashed controversy on social


The “real” campaign

According to Renzi are other campaigns to do: “the people have children if they can finally get a permanent job, invest on a mortgage, have the nursery downstairs. This is the real campaign. We also did tax work, but serve the structural conditions. Arguing of a communication campaign, I do not think is an issue, ‘says the prime minister, referring to the initiative.

D’Alema and Berlusconi, “Story of a great love”

The prime minister is also back on another campaign, in which he is engaged, this yes, in the first person: that the constitutional referendum. Renzi especially caters to two of his predecessors, Massimo D’Alema and Silvio Berlusconi, both lined up for the No. “I think that D’Alema has every right to express his opinion, have a history of different opinions, he changed his mind . Ask him why, but I’m interested to follow relatively. Maybe D’Alema and Berlusconi imagine a great Bicameral are 30 who speak. Between D’Alema and Berlusconi is the story of a great love that must be respected, “says the secretary of the Democratic Party, that the reform provides for ‘savings’ and a country” easier. ” “If there is anyone who believes that the next round will make a big Bicameral – comments yet back on D’Alema and Berlusconi – are 25 who tell the same thing, free to do so, both in Parliament there are those who believe in Mediterranean sirens. ”

The future of the country and Prime Minister

the Prime Minister finally, speaking on RTL, continues the line of” depersonalization “of the campaign and then the question about his possible resignation in case of victory of the No, replies that” this is a referendum on the future of the country and then stop talking of my future. Anyone who knows me knows what I will do but if I do not speak anymore. ” “We have not thought about the date of the referendum, it is a big topic, but this week I thought of nothing else – he concluded -. I’ll spend a bit of time to tell about the referendum. “

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