Friday, September 2, 2016

Rome, from the deliberations with the opinion Anac magic Radius to showdown – The Republic

Who touches Raffaele Marra dies. That is the lesson that, at the end of a high-voltage day, is derived from the chain resignations that have toppled the first government to 5stelle of Rome. It is he, the officer entered alemanniano ritual in institutions from the door Uniting – the National Union increased horse breeds led from 2002 to 2008 by Franco Panzironi, where the then agriculture minister wanted him as general secretary – the secret director the operation that led to the ouster of Roman Carla Raineri and provoked yesterday’s avalanche.

the Milan magistrate of the Court of Appeal wanted him out of the cabinet led by her: for weeks – along with the super commissioner Marcello Minenna – he insisted to take out him and resize role and compensation of companion Salvatore Romeo, head of the political secretariat. And the latter two pillars of that magical ray which now controls the Capitol, the only ones of which the mayor grillina you really trust, retaliated. Pushing the first town to seek the opinion on commissioning ANAC entrusted to Raineri, knowing it would be rejected. Why that appointment was the result of a mess.

Marra and Romeo, now undisputed masters of the bureaucratic machine Capitoline, knew both the trade union ordinance of 22 July by which Raineri was appointed chief of staff (referring to wage determination in a subsequent resolution) and the expectation request made the next day from the CSM Rays for the placement of the court out of role: both made under Article 90 of Tuel. however, providing for a salary much lower than that then applied, the famous 193 thousand Euros inclusive of a personal allowance.

While the entrusted deliberation and determination of their remuneration was justified Article 110 of Tuel. A discrepancy detected and sanctioned by ANAC.

“A trappolone”. So Minenna, venting with a couple of friends, called the maneuver orchestrated by Marra-Romeo duo to remove the arch-enemy Raineri. Especially since neither the chief of staff or the councilor for the Budget had been informed that the Rays had decided to refer the matter to the Anti-Corruption Authorities. A delicate transition occurred without their knowledge. Not exactly the best of fairness.

Especially in light of a couple of circumstances that involve directly the mayor pentastellata: not only with two different notes signed in late July (registered under the number 49699/2016 and 52265/2016) the tenant of the Capitol has judged “reasonable” compensation of Raineri, but 14 of the resolution with which August 5 were established duties and salary of Raineri was voted unreservedly both to her both the deputy mayor Frongia. If you had doubts – they ask many – because it has not made them present at that meeting? Because they get to this point?

The reason is simple. In the feud that after the chaos on staff salaries has been unleashed inside the junta grillina he won the magic Radius and lost by independent engineers. That has prevailed that small circle of collaborators whose mayor trusts blindly – Marra and Juliet, first of all, with the recent engagement of Andrea Mazzillo – to which it has delegated the most important practices. All 100 thousand euro people up. With a now enormous power. To defend what the Rays did not hesitate to throw overboard a magistrate (the second in less than two months after the judge of the Court of Auditors Daniela Morgante, which had promised the place then assigned to Raineri) and to open the first the junta’s political crisis.

and even mediation attempted by Carla Ruocco and Paola Taverna, members of the national directorate and the Roman one, could anything. When the two parliamentary grilline proposed in Virginia Rays to put things right, to renewing the appointment Raineri

Anak acknowledging the remarks, the mayor was adamant. Appearing on the contrary, the councilors and the councilors who have heard it explain the reasons for withdrawal, ‘raised’ if not ‘happy’ of getting rid of two characters now considered thorns in the side. A gloating, in a day of pandemonium, there are only two: Marra and Romeo. With the first at the end of the day he joked: “Ask yourself why I’m always here.”

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