Friday, September 2, 2016

Rome, Rays: “Determined to move forward.” The junta orders curricula – Rai News

Jump Grillo’s arrival in Rome, scheduled for Monday. Virginia Rays already working: “We want the best” tell by the staff of the mayor who, the day after the flurry of resignations which threw into chaos the junta Capitoline, is being done to identify the substitutes of 5 who have left. The ANAC, meanwhile, sifts all the appointments made from the Capitol


“we are determined to work for the good of the city. These resignations do not scare us. we give nuisance to the powers but we are united and determined “. So the mayor of Rome Virginia Rays after the flurry of resignations which threw into chaos the junta Capitoline.

Jump Meanwhile the arrival of cricket in the capital, which was scheduled for Monday. The M5s leaders should have come to Rome to take stock of the directory on the matter of the junta Capitoline and for a meeting with the mayor Virginia Rays, today to work in the City to choose the new commissioner for the Budget and the new chief of staff, after the resignation of Marcello Minenna and Carla Raineri, and the new leaders of Atac and Ama. The first town, have informed sources of the Capitol, is identifying the possible candidates with which to support the talks, but “no anxiety”, they point to the same sources, ” ’cause the important’ to find good people after performing broad assessments radius”. “Objective – explained by the staff of the Rays – is to find the best personality.”

From the Capitol they also know that the ANAC has not yet responded to requests for opinion on all other appointments made under Article 90 of Tuel, the same one that according to the authorities’ was applied in the case of the appointment of the head of the cabinet resigned.

Councillors Rays, including want to go back and ‘crisis’
want to get ahead but also “suffering” in the junta Virginia Rays in the aftermath of the five internal administration Capitoline resignation. “It ‘a further emergency in front of which we find ourselves – says the commissioner Flavia Marzano requested by anxiety – and if you do not want to call an emergency call it urgent,’ cause we can not remain without a commissioner to the financial statements of subsidiaries and without vertices. we knew that the road was uphill, but we are a team and at yesterday’s meeting (which at lunchtime Virginia Rays convened with councilors and majority, ed) and ‘felt strong. ” Another commissioner, who prefers to remain anonymous, instead responds: “How do I feel? If you collapsed the building upon how would you feel? Of course there is’ suffering …”. The same councilor, pero ‘, excludes want to also leave him after Marcello Minenna. The meeting of the council today will be ‘the first without the former commissioner to the budget.


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