Friday, September 2, 2016

Chaos Rome, Rays: “Next determined. Already today the first signal” –

Continue with determination even though “we bother the powers that be.” Virginia Rays intervenes by sending reassuring messages after the chain resignation in his council. “We are determined – he said – to work for the good of the city. These resignations do not scare us. Let’s annoy the powers that be, but we are united and determined”. It announced: “We are evaluating the personality of great importance and caliber.”

As New CEO of Atac , after the resignation of Armando Brandolese , should arrive Manuel Fantasy , a nuclear engineer transportation expert with international experience. Meanwhile, on his own initiative, an incoming checks on all resolutions on the appointment of the members of his staff to evaluate his fairness and revise downward some compensation.

Al sieve Anac other locations

Beppe Grillo has second thoughts and decides not to intervene on Monday in Rome. At the moment, we think in pentastellati environments, the leader leaves the field to the directory it has to confront in the coming days the mayor Virginia Rays. The mayor is working to select the curricula to replace former Councillor Marcello Minenna Budget, the former chief of staff Carla Raineri and the vertices of Love and ATAC who yesterday resigned. “Objective – explained by the staff – is to find the best personality.”

“Some time ago I asked Grillo: ‘The intention is to let the various currents of the Movement inside the wear out?’”. Like it or not, accept it or not, it is what is happening. For two years I spend myself for the idea of ​​a national meetup, in order to neutralize the currents and to make public the internal political debate of the Movement. “He wrote on his page Federico Pizzarotti , Mayor Parma, about what is happening in the City of Rome.

the story – Chaos Rome: the junta Rays lost pieces, resigned the chief of staff Carla Raineri Alderman budget Marcello Minenna. But to leave are also the leaders of ATAC, the public transport company Capitoline: after general manager Marco Rettighieri, also the sole director Armando Brandolese . It goes away also the sole director of Ama Alessandro Solidoro.

the appointment of Carla Raineri to chief of staff of Roma Capitale will be the subject of investigations by the prosecutor of the republic. And this on the basis of a complaint deposited by Brothers of Italy in which it is assumed the offense of abuse of office. The lawsuit, also linked to the compensation awarded, was announced last August 23 and concerned not only the appointment of Raineri, but also that of the head of the secretariat of the mayor, Salvatore Romeo.

The mayor has had a meeting with its majority and some councilors and now is being Capitoline assembly: “we are working to identify the important people who can contribute to the revitalization of the city. we do not stop,” said Rays in the meeting with his majority.

essentially, the Anak would have felt wrong with the procedure for the appointment and the salary amount allocated to the new top of the Capitol. Raineri, for his part, speaks of ‘irrevocable resignation’ deferring further notice. Criticism coming from the Democratic Party, which speaks of ‘flop 5 Star’. While Renzi, interviewed by RTL, remains clear: ‘Resignation to the Municipality of Rome? I do not put your mouth ‘.

A little more than two months of the’ installation , following the sensational win ale elections, therefore, for the mayor Virginia Rays not alludes to melt the node of the chief of staff, so delicate role to turn suffered controversy and internal disputes also the Five Star Movement. The first to be appointed to the office guide was Daniel Frongia, right arm of the mayor then moved into the role of deputy mayor.

After him, they reasoned long on Daniela Morgante, the Court of Magistrate accounts and already in the council of Ignazio Marino. Morgante also had a meeting with the same mayor but then his appointment fell on deaf ears, with controversy. In its place was preferred Carla Romana Raineri, another magistrate who previously collaborated with the commissioner Francesco Paolo Trim and the now former councilor Marcello Minenna budget.

Today came the news of his departure and concurrent resignation of Minenna. Rays that has thus explained in a post the reasons for withdrawal of Raineri: “We turned ANAC that, after examining the papers, said that the appointment of Dr. Carla Romana Raineri in Chief of Cabinet to be reviewed.”

But the judge was clear in speaking of “irrevocable resignation.” So the chair would again be reassigned. The afterthoughts are not missed even for the role of the vicar deputy chief cabinet. In the first instance this task was assigned to Raphael Marra, public official who in the past had also worked with Gianni Alemanno and Renata Polverini. His choice did not go down to the Movement and he too had been revoked as vicar.


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