Friday, September 2, 2016

Rays come into chaos, your 5S councilors: “Respect the Movement values” – The Republic

Rome – Skip blitz of Beppe Grillo in Rome, already scheduled for Monday. Skip letter – already written – with which the directory was to give “full autonomy” in Virginia Rays. The clash in the 5 stars is open. The removal of the chief of staff Carla Raineri, who kicked off the chain resignation councilor for the Budget and Participate Marcello Minenna and those of the transport companies summits and waste, Atac and Ama, is creating a political earthquake from which the movement is struggling to come out.

The most eloquent messages are those that the elect are exchanging in these hours in private chat and WhatsApp Telegram. “The biggest fear concerns the role of chief of staff. If force on Marra, comes down the world”, writes who talked with the leaders. To avert this, to prevent Virginia Rays give even more power to the vice chief of staff, former right-hand man, Gianni Alemanno and Renata Polverini Raffaele Marra, Beppe Grillo had to come to Rome as early as Monday. A decision but now – surprise – falls. What is certain is that yesterday the telephone contact with the founder were frantic. And that worry was not only the Roman MPs who most followed the story (and most are angry with the mayor): Paola Taverna, Roberta Lombardi, Carla Ruocco.

Calls are also games from headquarters Casaleggio Associati. The torpedoing of the management of Carla Raineri did not like even to those who – as Luigi Di Maio – is convinced that the mayor of Rome go defense and that should be given the freedom of action that asks. Only, you can not do anything but resist saying – as he did yesterday, the Vice President of the House – that the problem is not the war inside the Capitol going on for over two months, but the interference of lobbies, the media, the powers that be.

There is one thing though – the point at which they have arrived – would be considered intolerable and it is precisely the promotion of Raffaele Marra, the man who drafted the request for an opinion on the ANAC appointment of Carla Raineri that made it all come down. For this, the powerful leader of the “magic range” may be removed and transferred to another post.

Virginia Rays yesterday collapsed, cried, but it has not stopped for a moment to be combative. At the meeting with the majority and some councilors, to her opponents she shouted, in more eloquent words than these: “What do you want from me? It is I who risk everything.” The movement, however, does not agree. Luigi Di Maio and others know that to risk everything – on Rome – and they are hoping to establish itself as a force able to challenge the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi to lead the country. For this they had written a letter that gave Virginia Rays autonomy asking, but that nailed once and for all its responsibilities.

A letter blocked by a battle still going on. This afternoon the mayor brings together the remnants of his junta. At this time his team is pulling out the drawers curricula discarded to find new councilors for the Budget and Participate, new leadership of Atac and Ama, another chief of staff. But the councilors – the only ones who can really sfiduciarla and dropping his junta – the warning: “Just Gold salaries, do not stay within the limit of 86 thousand euro for the compensation, and serves more respect for the values ​​and the principles of the Movement 5 Stars “.

That ‘s what he repeated yesterday to an MEP Roberta Lombardi: “There are no current, there are those who work following the M5S method and who is not.” And ‘what the base demanding for some time: a different way of proceeding and the end of the “magic range”. Militants have it with the salary tripled the Capitol employee and activist, Salvatore Romeo (passed in a shot from 40 thousand to 120 thousand euro per year as head of the political secretariat of the mayor). And they have it “with too many alemanniani we see around” as he told a parliamentary weight. Now the ball touches the mayor. “He has full autonomy”, repeated by leaders. That for the first time, the really leave alone.


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